Our graduates can seek jobs in a wide variety of financial specialties, including derivative securities trading, commodities merchandising, asset management, structured products development, insurance underwriting, and risk-management consulting.

Top employers in the financial industry regularly recruit Notre Dame graduates on site. The University of Notre Dame Career Center hosts events for students aiming for jobs on Wall Street or at major consulting firms, and our famously strong alumni network connects the program directly with potential employers. The Career Center hosts numerous career fairs, a Consulting Week, and also provides training in effective job search techniques, interviewing, and professional presentation.


Our program's flexibility allows students to tailor it to their professional interests. They will have the opportunity to substitute required classes with a wide range of courses in applied and computational mathematics and statistics, as well as various electives. Our students can obtain training in advanced scientific computing, analysis of “big data,” optimization, and numerous topics in applied statistics. With this solid background, graduates entering the workplace will be able to contribute immediately and meaningfully to the solution of complex quantitative problems.