Notre Dame Advantage

  • Our classes are taught at a quantitatively sophisticated level, enabling us to reach a breadth and depth uncommon in one-year programs. Talented, well-prepared students will transition rapidly into high-performing employees.

  • Students will learn to professionally present the results of their work for non-technical audiences. High-level decision-makers often lack substantial quantitative training; the employee who can analyze a complex problem, solve it, and explain the solution to them will rise rapidly within the company. In addition to a course in business communication, our curriculum includes a variety of opportunities for students to hone their presentation skills, ending with the presentation of the capstone project.

  • Our program’s flexibility will enable students to take electives or substitute required classes with a wide range of courses in applied and computational mathematics and statistics. All graduates will earn a Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics with a specialty in computational finance, reflecting the breadth of our program.

  • The quantitative skills needed to solve problems in finance are mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and computation. Our department contains faculty experts in all of these fields, several of whom have research experience in finance.

  • Our program will admit a small number of very talented students, ensuring that students receive individual instruction and significant feedback in their courses and project work. This limited number of students also ensures that our graduates will stand out to future employers.